Does your plan suit your executives?

Executives occupy a separate category, in terms of compensation and responsibility, in relation to a company’s general employees.

This means executives also have different needs for benefits and retirement, and yet as a relatively small percentage of the company, these needs are frequently overlooked.

That's why we give executives the option of developing their own plans, as individuals or as a group. As part of The Navigo Way, we offer companies complimentary executive planning solutions that can include:

  • Group retirement plans with enhanced retirement income options
  • Tax efficient plan structure
  • Individual plans for maximum coverage
  • Personal needs and health analysis
  • Regular consultation meetings

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Brian Brophy, President
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What makes Navigo right for your business?

Connect with Your Employees

Engage your employees in HR and Employee Education procedures, including our Custom Enrollment Guide, and support your benefits and pension initiatives with the strength of your whole team.

Maintain Cost Containment Initiatives

Benefit from cost-effective alternatives from our Competitive Analysis report, and help control long-term increases and liabilities with our integrated Employee Wellness Initiatives.

Gain Complete Visibility

Get easy-to-use reports, forms and overviews. We create Custom Communication Documents to fit your needs and preferences.